Zone In and Connect with Your Community!
If you're a student interested in making a difference, then take a moment and connect with your community by seeking a place to serve.

By volunteering, young people will have the opportunity to learn the importance of being engaged citizens in their community by reaching out and helping others while completing their required community service hours. Perhaps, in the process of giving back to their community the have to of community service will turn into the want to of volunteering!

Why volunteer?
- Increased self esteem
- Self-gratification
- Learn new communication skills
- Learn new social skills
- Learn about career opportunities

The do’s of volunteering:

Volunteer Now!
Click on volunteer opportunities and check out available volunteer opportunities. All agencies that utilize youth (with restrictions) will be noted by a smiley face medallion. Every agency listed has determined their youth requirements. Many will accept teens 14 and above; others will only accept 16 and above; while other agencies will only accept teens with parents willing to volunteer also.

Youth Volunteer Advisory BoardSupport the volunteer efforts of the youth of our community. You now can donate online with your MasterCard or Visa. You can also mail your gift to Volunteer McKinney Center, P.O. Box 2821, McKinney 75070.

Your donation will enable VMC to increase their efforts to educate young people about the importance of service to their community now and in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 972-542-0679 or e - mail: